About Us

£1 from every sale helps in feeding one hot meal and a nice coffee to homeless people on the streets.

HappifyNow was born on 20th Feb 2021, when our 6 years old son approached us that he wants to do something that can help people on the streets. We have been supporting Charity Organisation - Shelters by providing food packets etc, while he challenged it saying that this will only last them a meal or two, why not do something that can generate jobs for them or sponsor there education. Basically something to make them self-sufficient.

Born with charity work in its DNA, 1 pound from every sale of HappifyNow goes towards buying food vouchers for people on streets to provide them with one hot meal and a nice coffee until we reach a point of employing them with packaging and shipping jobs.

Both I and my wife have always believed that shopping is way more than just a simple redundant product. It is a keep-sake, a memory that someone cherishes each time they see or use the product. With this in our mind and charity work at the core of our heart we look forward to be part of the smiles that our unique and cute products will bring to its recipients.

We combine our passion for helping others with our love for unique cute products that we have gained by living in US, Canada, India and now in the UK, to bring best of the best of living experience by finding joy in little things.

For us each day is rewarding, each day is a new day of learning and evolving as we grow this new little baby of ours - HappifyNow!