newborn baby keychain for new parents
personalized baby keychain
New Born Baby Keychain

New Born Baby Keychain

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This personalized baby arrival keyring is a cute and useful mini gift for new parents to make them smile- complete with a personalized baby's details!

Perfect for keeping keys safe and looking good at the same time.

Please leave us the baby information like this:
~Baby's Name- Raphel
~Baby's Date of birth- 19-05-2005
~Baby's Day of birth- Tuesday
~Baby's Time of birth -  07:52 am
~Baby's Height- 20 inches
~Baby's weight- 7 pounds 3 ounces

Material: Stainless Steel
Qty.: 1pcs
Size: H - 6 cms, W - 7 cms
Colors Available: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

-Each keychain ships in a keychain box designed specifically for protecting them during transit.­
-Shipping Time will be 10 days.

Please note 1 pound from this sale will be used to help feed homeless people on the streets.

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